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About the SSE engine update...

Official SSE Arena, Wembley website - London's most iconic concert and events venue, with state of the art facilities, excellent transport links, bars and hotels.and hotels The Earthquake Event Page application supports most recent browsers, view supported browsers.Or, try our Real-time Notifications, Feeds, and Web Services.Real-time Notifications, Feeds, and Web Services. The W3Schools online code editor allows you to edit code and view the result in your browser sse-shares.com - SSE plc ... SSE plc static.sse.com.cn Wind SSE 10 mph. Humidity 88%. UV Index 0 of 10. Sunday, October 24. 12 am. 69° ... School of Science and Engineering 201 Lindy Claiborne Boggs Center 6823 St. Charles Avenue New Orleans, LA 70118-5698. Telephone: 504-865-5764 Email: sse@tulane.edu The Earthquake Event Page application supports most recent browsers, view supported browsers.Or, try our Real-time Notifications, Feeds, and Web Services.Real-time Notifications, Feeds, and Web Services. SANTIAGOX On June 13, 2018 the NASA’s Surface meteorology and Solar Energy (SSE) Data Archive web site was replaced with the new data web portal at https://power.larc.nasa.gov which contains improved solar and meteorology data and greatly enhanced capabilities to facilitate access to NASA's solar insolation and meteorological data parameters.

2021.10.26 04:46 playernopal About the SSE engine update...

Just how much faith are you guys putting on the modding community to update their mods, considering the SSE engine update?
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2021.10.26 04:46 Homeboybarista Questions for a Beginner

So I’m looking for a place to start with guided meditations that are maybe in a similar vein to “a cure for wellness”. It may sound strange but I take some measure of comfort in the near nihilistic nature of those small meditations. Is there an app or Spotify/YouTube that anyone can recommend that have a similar feel?
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2021.10.26 04:46 darthueba Question: is shiny hunting cheating?

So, one of my rules I set for myself with my Nuzlocke of Pokemon White is that a Shiny can be caught, but if it is not the first pokemon encountered in the area, it can only be used if the first pokemon caught in the area is never used
In an earlier run I had the luck of getting a Shiny Petilil in Lostlorn Forest when I'd never used the first Pokemon in the area. My first encounter this time was a Venipede, but I hope to repeat the event.
So, Question: is it cheating to take advantage of this clause to deliberately try to get a Shiny of a Pokemon I wanted but failed to get?
Also: in the original Nuzlocke Comic, AFAIK, there's no rule saying you can't run away from battles, nor did I set that rule myself. So I just thought: if I do go with this loophole, is it ok to run away from encounters to avoid getting my team overpowered?
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2021.10.26 04:46 JohnWrawe Sent my dog to the slaughterhouse and I'm getting loads of abuse 😔

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2021.10.26 04:46 IndoorAirplane Saw it from a seller that simply named it "zigzag orchid". You guys have any idea on what this is? My guesses are that it might be a dendrobium or a lockhartia but it's difficult to guess..

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2021.10.26 04:46 Reddituser8018 The hate towards successful influencers is so misplaced

Hi I was watching the pod about the William osman situation and I understand why haters hate on successful influencers but you guys gotta realize this hate is so misplaced. I have a lot of medical debt right now and sometimes it's overwhelming and then you watch a video of a creator buying a new car or whatever when you aren't sure if you are going to be able to pay your bills on time, I get it, it can be demoralizing.
But the woes of you are not because of these creators success, that anger should be directed to the ballot box, go vote. Living in poverty fucking sucks I know but hating on a successful influencer isn't going to fix anything and will just end up causing more harm.
Anyways I thought I would share because I do get it, life can be shitty but taking it out on other people who are in better positions then you is not gonna help.
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2021.10.26 04:46 TheBamaify Montage #11

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2021.10.26 04:46 MarxHaskins 🔥 Smighty NFT the perfect match for your collection 🔥

Smighty NFT the decentralized non-fundible token art collections can only be purchase using ethoreum . The nft art collection today has been trending and has got the attention of every person around the world.
Created by an NFT collector for all NFT collectors, Smighty will allow the Ethereum community to put their NFTs in one place and give them a guaranteed value. It is non fundible, meaning nothing can be added and nothing can be removed and still it has a value and can be used as a currency.

Have you ever wanted to own a rare, unique artwork that could potentially appreciate in value? The Smighty is the world's first non fundible token. Each Smighty token is created in honor of an individual or in memory of a deceased loved one. A donor transfers ETH worth ERC20 tokens to the Smighty contract, specifying the beneficiary in either case. The tokens are then auctioned off using the Dutch auction system. If there are no buyers, the ETH are refunded to the donor after 6 months.

🌐 Visit Our Website: https://smighty.io/
🌐 Visit Us On Twitter: https://twitter.com/SmightyProject
🌐 Join Our Discord Community: https://discord.com/invite/smighty
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2021.10.26 04:46 RhadanRJ [OC] The Serpent, The Sinner & The Saint #239 - Big brother blues

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2021.10.26 04:46 lochydjango disabledgamers Subreddit Statistics

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2021.10.26 04:46 _golden_one Are you still going to vote Avakin for the TIGA award after the latest stunt LKWD pulled?

Avakins, we should all come together and let our voices be heard whether LKWD listens or not.
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2021.10.26 04:46 Cultural_Ad_2504 Bb ki vines and alia bhatt live in youtube

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2021.10.26 04:46 TheBamaify Montage #11

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2021.10.26 04:46 GuiltyAppointment671 Moist yourself this might turn orgasmic now

Prepare yourself for life changing cumexperiemce 🔥
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2021.10.26 04:46 PulsarAudioSean ⚡🚨 ENJOY UP TO 60% OFF - All Pulsar Audio Products - Limited Time > Until Sunday, October 31🚨 ⚡

⚡🚨 ENJOY UP TO 60% OFF - All Pulsar Audio Products - Limited Time > Until Sunday, October 31🚨 ⚡ ` All Pulsar Audio products on sale! Until Sunday, October 31
Pulsar 1178: a perfectly emulated and enhanced FET compressor. Fast, characterful and versatile, it is the ultimate control for modern mixes. > Get if for €99
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Pulsar Mu: an acclaimed emulation of the Manley vari-mu, to which we have added some unique features - excellent for external sidechaining as well. > Get if for €59
Pulsar Smasher: an easy-to-use all-button-mode FET compressor, for parallel processing of drum rooms, drum busses, or bass tracks. > Get if for €19
Your DAW will thank you! Ends this sunday. Don’t miss it.
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2021.10.26 04:46 caz1_ Date night

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2021.10.26 04:46 whayeveridc Hate Cauch, Gauss and them other folks

Dudes equations and theorems have been killing my vibe in calc since day 1. calc 3 now and he’s STILL there. And none of it ever makes sense to me. I go through the proofs step by step but I just dont get it. And it’s never something neat like Cramers Rule, it’s always got to be something inherently complex. Baffles me. How Hobbyless was he?!
But seriously, props to them I can’t imagine how tedious all of this must have been and I appreciate the timelessness snd beauty of it, although I don’t understand it.
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2021.10.26 04:46 plugindeals Automatic Mixing System - AYAIC Mix Monolith - $69.99

Automatic Mixing System - AYAIC Mix Monolith - $69.99 MIXMONOLITH6999 Use this voucher code during checkout! Offer ends October 27, 11:59 PM California Time

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2021.10.26 04:46 Strawberry3195 I will send this to my parents group chat. I am closeted and they think I'm a gay man. They are very homophobic. Do you think this is a good idea, Reddit? Anything I should add?

This is an extremely important message. It will be a punch in the gut, but it has to be said. I have become such an extremely negative and unhappy person in the last while and that's due to some things I'm aware of, but for the longest time couldn't tell you because I wasn't raised to feel safe thinking those thoughts. Our views and morals are extremely different. I think differently and I believe different things that is okay. I'm 19 and we have to come to an agreement that I can't live like this anymore. I'm not an extention of you. I'm my own person with my own set of beliefs, morals and values. To cut to the chase, I absolutely love you, all of you, I really do, but we just don't understand eachother too well, we don't see the world the same. I'm expected to do things that are not me. And I'm me, I'm not anyone else so I'm not going to adhere to your expectations of what a person like me should be like. I'm 19 which means I'm old enough to be drafted to the army, old enough to marry, and most definitely old enough to know how I want my life to be like. I can't keep living like this. I'm so dead inside, I don't feel like I'm living and I think about ending it all atleast a couple times a day. I'm not relegious either. Relegion never made sense to me and it's not fair to everyone involved, even though it's called "the relegion of peace", it really isn't. I'm trans. Im a trans girl. (An assigned male at birth that feels and related more to what is perceived as "female interests and representation" by societal norms). Science and therapy recognize this and its a real thing. It's called "gender dysphoria". It's a very real thing that absolutely kills you. I need to transition. I can't keep looking like this. I can't keep on living like this. It comes to a point where you no longer recognize yourself. It's not your fault (partly is), but it's most society and relegion's fault. I want to move on and live a life I actually want to live. I'm 19. I have like 50 more years to live before I die. I want to actually live them for me and not for someone else. I'm my own person and I need to move out or leave this country. I hope you understand how hard this is for me to type, feel and send it to you, but it had to be said. I can't keep on seeing everyone living my dreams and not doing anything about it or trying to do half of a thing about it and getting shut down and shamed. I can't keep on pretending in every front of my life anymore. I love you and if you love me, you will do what's actually best for me not what you think or what you were tought is best for me but evidently isn't.
Your daughter, Natalie (Nat)
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2021.10.26 04:46 swmfg Got my new Elite 7 Pro and ANC works

Just opened it 30 mins ago and went through the setup. It's using firmware 1.2 out of the box.
During setup, you need to customise ANC. I have a desktop next to me with a RTX 3080 Ti so the fan noise is pretty loud. Anyway, when you customise ANC, you can drag the vertical bar up and down. What I've noticed is that if I drag the bar up, ANC doesn't make any difference. But if I drag the bar down, ANC quite noticeable. I can now barely hear the 3080's fan. The blue (clicky) switches of my mechanical keyboard is also quiet damped.
So, if ANC doesn't work for you, try go through setup again?
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2021.10.26 04:46 44untrue Mood Debuff/Psychotic state from breakup that happened a long time ago?

I'm not sure if this is a bug or something but my colonist proposal was rejected quite a while ago, but they still go into a psychotic state quite often. if there a way to fix this? Its a huge annoyance losing one of my cooks every week.
Stein moved on Xorei, you need to as well ):
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2021.10.26 04:46 SHUT_UP_LEAFY Guess The Impostor

You just guess the impostor based on what it's doing. Easy, right?
note: the WWW is crash course task, and the parallelograms are vents

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2021.10.26 04:46 Rocky-Bisquits Recent bank transfers?

Hello everyone, just wondering if anyone had transferred money out of China recently? I was told there are new restrictions and you can only take out $3,000 USD max per transaction now. Has anyone run into this limitation or am I being fed a lot of BS? Thanks!
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2021.10.26 04:46 rkopuk Exxe Profiles 500 NFT Giveaway

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2021.10.26 04:46 SpirallingAmoeba stunning

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