Bathmate "Water Retention" Side Effect

2021.10.26 06:52 rafaelsantos1110 Bathmate "Water Retention" Side Effect

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2021.10.26 06:52 Karma220566 Nso expansion

I don’t know if when I upgrade my subscription to the expansion pack one if it will reset and all of my cloud saves will be lost, and the saves on the nes and snes apps, so do any of you know if something like that will happen?
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2021.10.26 06:52 Lemax33 Então os paulistas estão livres? Tudo pode voltar ao normal? Podem retirar as máscaras? Terceira dose? O que falta?

Então os paulistas estão livres? Tudo pode voltar ao normal? Podem retirar as máscaras? Terceira dose? O que falta? submitted by Lemax33 to brasilivre [link] [comments]

2021.10.26 06:52 PompfMompf Well, I think my RNG is done for a bit.

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2021.10.26 06:52 pepeizq [GamersGate] 2K Sale • Up to 92% • 42 deals • XCOM 2 (92%), XCOM: Ultimate Collection (90%), Borderlands 3 (74%), The Outer Worlds (74%), XCOM: Chimera Squad (72%), Mafia: Definitive Edition (60%) and more

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2021.10.26 06:52 piovesun Tunnel that leads to an abandoned movie theater, neon lights were flickering

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2021.10.26 06:52 KentCustomerService RO Service Dhar @7065012902 | RO Service

RO Service- Now call us u/7065012902 to get doorstep services from independent water purifier service in Dhar for RO Service Near Me installation, repair, AMC and other queries.
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2021.10.26 06:52 Popularify Looking for a Media buyer that wants to build something great is looking to hire a new facebook media buyer that is tired of working with difficult clients, accounts with no pixel data and bad agencies that promise the world and deliver nothing.
An A-player, hungry for growth, only wanting to experience the crème de la crème of e-commerce businesses.
We’re not just looking for a great data analyst - you should also be able to consult on scripting a great creative, CRO, direct response copy and innovative ways of reporting data.
Rome wasn’t built in a day. But if you’re willing to learn, let's build something greater than ourselves.
As we grow you’ll assume the role of CMO, eventually managing other junior media buyers.
Not just an agency but a growth incubator for clients and in-house brands. Think of us as angel investors for market-leading E-commerce Businesses.
Right now we’re focusing on building the B2B part of the business but as we head into 2022 we will be focusing on investing a lot of capital into building our first in-house DTC brand. As our CMO you will have the unique opportunity to be part of that process.
Beyond that you’ll have perks such as an ultra-wide monitor and any other office equipment you may need, employee resorts and access to educational resources and conferences.
You're our a-player if you:
-spent over 250k in e-commerce
-worked with budgets spending over 400/day
-have the desire to learn CRO and can write sales-inducing copy
If you’re convinced that you can win the epic battle that is the auction process and deliver preposterous ROAS dm with your biggest monthly win from your ad account
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2021.10.26 06:52 futterschlepper Flag of Singapore

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2021.10.26 06:52 Candelario_69 Guys… a Red GT-3000 😳 @(_dxbc_) OC

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2021.10.26 06:52 LinLin--G-and-W Rayquaza V Random pull! Just bought an single pack while grocery shopping and got this.

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2021.10.26 06:52 benofficialmusic What yall think? Trash or Nah

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2021.10.26 06:52 MNB9888 Coming from real steel to airsoft. Any advice on my order?

As the title says I am coming from real steel to airsoft to get off the flat range and learn communication, movement, and just how to handle different situations. Not to mention BB's are cheap! Another big draw is having fun and the physical aspect of it as a good way to increase my activity and burn some calories.
Anyways here's what I have selected as my first kit within my budget of $1,000 that would mimic my real steel guns. I was planning on buying a repro EOTECH from hopup once I get the KWA. I chose the KWA because its an AEG that provides some feedback and also has a bolt-lock mechanism when you change magazines, as that's s big deal to me.
I have included my real steel kit in the comments below so you can see what I already have and compare it/see what you don't need to recommend. (I also plan on getting a bump helmet and Peltors at some point as those will also be used when I can eventually afford NVGs.)
I can see myself eventually attending a Milsim West event, but in the meantime there are a couple fields within an hour of me that I would like to spend the day at occasionally and hopefully get some of my real steel friends involved in with too.
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2021.10.26 06:52 IndianaIT Bose 700: Popping sound in the left earcup

Hi everyone,
I just bought the Bose NC 700 yesterday.
There is one odd thing that I observed. When taking the headphones off, the left ear cup makes a popping sound. I actually managed to record it through a lapel mike. Recording of Bose 700 popping
It seems to be a mechanical thing as it is always there disregarding whether the headphones are on or off. Maybe something funky happening due to air pressure changes when I take the ear cup off? I tested the old QC35s and they seem to also do this "popping" but so silently that you actually have to know what you are looking for.
My main issue with it is, whether it can be an indicator of some kind of issues in the future.
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2021.10.26 06:52 furniture_enthusiast Furniture Renovation

I love Furniture, and like to support women led statups and small businesses, and artists. u/home_decor_heroes on Instagram is one of them. It is about furniture renovation. Please give other suggestions :) Drop your usernames below please :) Instagram or Twitter
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2021.10.26 06:52 Redfoot005 Associate Web Application Firewall Policy with Application gateway

Hi All,
Having a bit of a weird issue, not sure if it's me or just the azure portal being buggy:
We have 3 Application gateways. Just now i was creating a fresh Web Application Firewall policy for one of these gateways. Went through the wizard, but when i wanted to associate it with said application gateway it was not listed. It was only listing one of the application gateways that already had a Policy assigned to it. The policy was created in the same resource group as the App Gateway that I want to associate it to.

Anyone ever encounter anything like this?
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2021.10.26 06:52 ItsaMEwastaken Oreos are the best ice cream mix in.

Change my mind. But dont coz u cant
Im not talking about the wimpy powdered oreos, im talking big CHUNKS with the odd, super rare, WHOLE OREO.
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2021.10.26 06:52 Rifted-06 The Cube Queen will be unlockable in 3 hours! Previously, it was set to be unlockable on Thursday.

The Cube Queen will be unlockable in 3 hours! Previously, it was set to be unlockable on Thursday. submitted by Rifted-06 to FortNiteBR [link] [comments]

2021.10.26 06:52 broccoligoneik Can the babies in the blind bag series move their hands & legs like the babies purchased individually??

Hi all, I am relatively new to collecting the Sylvanian Families (and posting on reddit) and I specifically want to focus on getting all the babies (they’re just so cute!). I was just wondering if the babies in the blind bag series (camping, magical, shopping etc) could move their bodies the same way as the babies sold individually.
Thank you
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2021.10.26 06:52 Necessary-Eye-2249 👑 WOLF GOLD INU 👑 Stealth Launch 👑 Listed On PancakeSwap 👑 Liquidity locked 👑 Liquidity locked 180 days 👑 Huge 1000× Potential

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2021.10.26 06:52 gvishnu2 Beginner ideas

I want to make a 3d game using Unity engine. But, it should be doable in around 2 months. Can you suggest something?
About me: I've little experience in unity of making 2D board games.
Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks.
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2021.10.26 06:52 Cartonk 1952 Volvo Philip

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2021.10.26 06:52 ignent Starting to get a little bit of a collection

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2021.10.26 06:52 k-tsyganyuk Still life with sunflowers and many others original painting with 30% discount until October 31

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2021.10.26 06:52 Serious_Hold_1847 Got called crazy for not wanting to be "abused"

My mother just told me I was out of my mind because I told her I'd rather have been poor than to be degraded since I was 2....
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