Weapon drills are paying off.

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2021.12.05 20:30 Maggot_1776 Weapon drills are paying off.

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2021.12.05 20:30 wigglygnome Always think long and hard before cutting your hair :(

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2021.12.05 20:30 HaveUSeenThisPerson Just hatched another hundo Karp

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2021.12.05 20:30 titans8ravens My Samsung chromebook 4 is stuck and froze here at the Login screen. Fixes?

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2021.12.05 20:30 Correct_Hippo Help me find which type of doctor to see

Symptoms I am having,

  1. Burning sensation inside penis, pain in tip and shaft. Pain in perineum, testicles, pelvic area. This was the first to come and most prominent symptom for more than 3 months.
  2. Abdominal pain that is not persistent.
  3. Pain in knees, feet and ankles. Itching in left knee.
  4. Painful sensation in armpits.
Due to the 1st symptom, I went to an urologist as I have said before. But they don't seems to care to explain about the other symptoms. According to the ultrasound scan prostate has not enlarged. The doctor didn't ask for a semen culture ans EPS. I will get them done as some of you suggested.
Not getting diagnosed is affecting my mental health as I am anxious and the pain is making it hard to enjoy anything without worrying about these symptoms.
I am concerned whether I am having multiple conditions and seeing the wrong type of doctor. What do you guys suggest? Can all these symptoms relate to prostatitis?
PS: did a std profile after 3 months of an unprotected encounter and it was negative. But not sure some kind of virus causing this. which was not detected by the time of test.
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2021.12.05 20:30 The_Hawkgaming13 How do I improve my aim?

So been playing Valorant for about two-three months now and I love it. The only issue is that my aim is garbage. Any tips to improve would be appreciated.
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2021.12.05 20:30 r0way What do carats call S.Coups?

Hey everyone! I’ve been a SVT fan around 5 or so years now, but I was never really active in their online community. I’m wondering what most people call S.Coups? Lol it’s kind of a weird question. Amongst my friends, we just refer to him as “Scoops” to be funny, but I was wondering if carats refer to him as something usually. Coups? Seungcheol? Thanks!
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2021.12.05 20:30 tushball101 [Izzo] Tony Olivia and Jim Kaat are both Hall of Famers. No on Maris again.

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2021.12.05 20:30 gertinct 🐶 FlokiVengers 🐶| New Heroes NFT Token 💥 Marketplace & NFT Launch Incoming ✅ Doxxed Dev | BUSD Rewards | Join the Resistance! 🔥

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Growing more every day, 4 weeks since its launch.   
Avoid scams and rugs and join a healthy community 🦸‍♂️
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2021.12.05 20:30 hanna1112 Quantitative Methodologies (Finance) R Programming exam [$80 paypal]

I have an exam this Friday at 10:00 AM - 01:00PM (10:00-13:00) CET.
I have the script which will be used during the exam already, and the exam will be based off of this script. The questions/tasks will be about editing the script and explaining what happens with the implemented editions. The exam will be based on discrete time finance, continuous time finance, delta hedging and the black scholes model.
If you are knowledgable in this area please comment or contact me.
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2021.12.05 20:30 oroora6 How did you meet your SO?

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2021.12.05 20:30 X-olotl Betta upgrade done for now

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2021.12.05 20:30 The_FallenSoldier What was the most shocking thing you found out about a famous person?

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2021.12.05 20:30 Rainsford1104 HEY Samsung, apps I cannot uninstall are System Apps, do not lie and claim otherwise while eating a MAJORITY of my storage

I have a Galaxy S9+ with 64GB of Memory. I play Genshin Impact mainly on my computer but keep it on my phone in case im out somewhere bored or power dies especially with the upcoming winter season. I go to install a new update for it and it claims I am out of space. In my mind I'm thinking "jeez how much space does Genshin take?" Turns out not much.
16GB is all it takes. Genshin along with steam, snapchat, and a food app or two is all I have on my phone. No other big games or apps. Where has all my 64gb gone I asked myself. A few GB of pics and videos combined but it says I have 37G worth of Apps and 11GB of system items. So I thought id take a look at my apps and maybe forgot I downloaded something big...
Nope, the app section is brimming with over 100 uninstallable apps all eating away at my storage. 40mb here, 60mb there, some have several hundred, all adding up to a whopping majority of my storage space. Keep in mind these aren't even what Samsung considers "system apps" of which there are over 400. I try to uninstall the ones that are obviously bloatware they added but I am un-allowed to. Which to me means these are system apps in disguise that they are attributing to "apps" in the storage analyzer as if its my choice.
I get it Samsung, you sign contracts with companies to get their apps on my phone and install it without telling me. Fine, but I don't need a majority of my space taken up by tools and apps I do not need or want. Don't make me pay for different storage sizes then fill it up endlessly with this garbage.
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2021.12.05 20:30 MajorSwallace Which youtube channels would you recommend for improving game dev and coding skills for unity projects?

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2021.12.05 20:30 Dimimimitriks Nikita Khrushchev shows the way to the bright future of communism on a bike ride. Moscow 1955.

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2021.12.05 20:30 AsystolieGER Frage an die Kollegen der Polizei

Ich habe beim aufräumen im Keller Übungsmunition gefunden, ich hab keine Ahnung wo sie herkommt. Was mach ich mit dem Zeug? Ich möchte natürlich auch keine Anzeige riskieren, da ich keinen Waffenschein habe. Wende ich mich an die Polizei, Ordnungsamt, Bundeswehr...?
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2021.12.05 20:30 NeverRisen God

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2021.12.05 20:30 Andy_fbr Commission for Casey Coyote (art by me; Twitter @Anderson_fbr)

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2021.12.05 20:30 imartin123123 Pain

Love isn’t real She never cared How i feel Taking drugs To seal the deal Falling in love with a pill Got to stay cautious Cause they might kill I wish i never met her She said this was forever We will always be together But it was all lies She was a witch In disguise But I don’t love that bitch Look at my heart She added another stitch Whats wrong in my mind Peace is something I cannot find I wish i could rewind Back to better days I wish time could heal pain I think I’m going insane I was the one to blame She was a hoe That shit was lame I fell in love That was a shame Now i don’t believe in it Trying to forget all this shit Trying to forget everything she said Now I’m better off dead I just lay in bed Dark thoughts in my head Suicidal tendencies So i write write them down Im hell bound I put my pain in a song I put my pain in poem I hope i don’t forget them I gotta show em Thank you for whoever Reading this If i die I wont be missed But imma try to live Cause i got so much to give
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2021.12.05 20:30 mikevin99 Why does this sub glorify the 352 (especially defensive ones) but despise the 532?

I don’t use either formation and it doesn’t really bother me if anyone plays a certain formation, but it just seems odd to me. I rarely see these in high elo anyways but people talk about the 352 like it’s the best thing in the world. The tactics or “guides” that say they put outside mids on stay back are always a bit comical to me too
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2021.12.05 20:30 habits-white-rabbit If The Hand removed one of your body parts, would it hurt?

I looked for hours to find an answer for this and nothing came up.
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2021.12.05 20:30 Ilovedared Codeine Dabs

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2021.12.05 20:30 SessionWrong4190 Great Article Regarding Vaccination!

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2021.12.05 20:30 dumbguy177013 THOSE WHO CONTROL THE STONES, CONTROL THE UNIVERSE (Ultron Sigma)

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