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2022.01.24 01:29 Mood538 TRADING INVETROY

I probably wont trade the neon artic fox
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2022.01.24 01:29 JustHere2learnStocks LOOKING FOR A NICE CHAD TO HELP ME GET MY TASKS DONE. WILL LITERALLY CASH APP YOU WHEN I GET PAID IF NEED BE lol I am Level 12, thank you in advance fellow chads

As stated above just looking for a fellow chad to help me female dog slap some tasks so I can grind my way to 15 quicker than I have been only doing a couple tasks every few days sometimes 1 a day sometimes none a day and sometimes a couple a day. All depends on my luck, skill atm, and who Im running with if anyone. Get at me fellow chads and good luck on your next raid preferably with me after we get the satisfaction of the Task complete Noti’s LoL I have most maps learned alrightish to the point where I know ATLEAST one exit on each map but need to learn some better. i know Customs, factory, n a few other by heart
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2022.01.24 01:29 rizzlemcnizzle Using Tether/Hotspot as a permanent solution for home internet

Good afternoon,
I have a very obscure and specific enquiry re home internet and tethering, and cannot find a reputable source of information, hence why I am posting this on reddit lol.
I live in Australia where home internet speeds are horrible and highly expensive. For this reason, I have chosen to pay an excessive amount on my phone internet plan - which is through our best provider and unlimited data use.
Since moving into a new apartment, I have been hesitant to sign up to a home wifi plan, because they are slow and shit.

So, my actual question: is there a permanent and reliable way wherein I am able to use my phone hotspot as a replacement for WiFi. I'm envisioning some sort of booster that I connect to with the phone, and it beams the signal to other devices such as Macbook and TV etc.

I understand that it is very easy to create a personal hotspot, but the tether drops out as soon as one device is left unattended for 2 minutes etc.
Does anybody have any solutions so that we no longer need to pay for internet on our phones AND in the home. Let's flip the switch on these monopolists.
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2022.01.24 01:29 SuperHotUKDeals Cooler Master MPE-6501-AFAAG-EU 650W Gold Fully Modular PSU - £41.71 @ Amazon

The description of this deal was not provided by this subreddit and its contributors.
£41.71 - Amazon

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2022.01.24 01:29 Enough_Evening1337 Trading an SUV

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2022.01.24 01:29 amnesiac7 Justice Thomas Ignores Basic Ethics Where Wife's Activism, Lobbying Conflict With Cases

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2022.01.24 01:29 TheV0791 Abyssalcraft Endgame

I completed Abyssalcraft in Sevtech Ages for no other reason than Tinker’s Construct could make a sweet red sword… So I needed it!
Now i hold that red sword and I am fond of it mostly for the work i put into earning it, but is there any way to get rid of the dread plague it applies? That dread effect hurts me more often than my enemies!
Regardless, the point of this post is this: What now? Im certain Abyssalcraft wont help me much anyways… and that’s fine! But are there any nifty uses of transmuting/crystallizing/materializing? Also… these coins, is there anything useful the remnants can trade for? Its weird the Abyssalnomicon doesn’t even mention the trading with Remnants…
Thanks a lot!
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2022.01.24 01:29 motionpic05 I think we can put the whole "James Jude Courtney hates the Halloween Ends script" theory to rest

There's just no information to support this.
For the DVD release of the movie a couple of weeks ago, James did multiple interviews and he has said that he is pumped and seemed extremely enthusiastic to start work for the film. He has also said "Trust DGG".
Plus, at the end of the day, it was his decision to sign onto the film and his opinion shouldn't change ours especially since the film has barely started filming.
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2022.01.24 01:29 SuperHotUKDeals XBOX Series S, 512GB + Fortnite & Rocket League Bundle - £234 with code (MyJohnLewis members) @ John Lewis & Partners

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£234 - John Lewis
Seems a good price, credit to @Chanchi32 for spotting the code (highfive)
The XBOX Series S 512GB bundle with Fortnite and Rocket League is £234 with the code MYJL15 at John Lewis, this bundle also includes a 2 years guarantee. Code is only available online I believe. Also only for MyJohnLewis members, its free to join.
Also 3 interest free PayPal payments are eligible for this product, paying £78 per payment if you can't pay instantly (y)
Product Description (copied directly from John Lewis & Partners)
This bundle includes an Xbox Series S, 512GB console, a wireless controller, the Midnight Drive Pack for Fortnite and Rocket League, as well as 1,000 V-Bucks and 1,000 Rocket League Credits.
Xbox Series S Digital Edition Console
The sleek and stylish Xbox Series S has been created to provide fast, smooth, digital-only gameplay. Thanks to a custom-built SSD with integrated software, you’ll receive reduced load times, fast, streamlined gameplay, along with the ability to play thousands of titles from four generations of consoles.
Please be aware: the Xbox Series S Digital Edition Console does not have a Blu-ray player – it is unable to play Blu-ray game disks or Blu-ray films. Compatible games must be downloaded onto this console.
Fortnite Midnight Drive Pack
The free-to-play game that took the world by storm, Fortnite offers intense 100-player combat for you and your friends to enjoy. Squad up and compete to be the last one standing in Battle Royale, or use your imagination to build your dream Fortnite in Creative.
With the Midnight Drive Pack for Fortnite, you can customise your avatar with the Dark Skully outfit, Dark Skully Satchel Back Bling, and the Dark Splitter pickaxe. Plus, you get an extra 1,000 V-Bucks included to spend on your favourite in-game items.
Rocket League Midnight Drive Pack
Rocket League puts players in control of high-flying, hard-hitting, rocket-powered cars in a high-octane, football-meets-racing hybrid. Compete in 4-Player Splitscreen, 8-Player Online, tournaments, challenges and more! The field is waiting.
The included Midnight Drive Pack for Rocket League includes the Purple Masamune Car, Purple Virtual Wave Boost, Purple Zefram Wheels, and 1,000 Rocket League Credits that can be used to build Blueprints, upgrade to Rocket Pass Premium, or purchase content from the Rocket League Item Shop.
Please note: an Xbox Live Gold subscription is required to access online multiplayer.
This deal can be found at hotukdeals via this link: https://ift.tt/3ImKkAy
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2022.01.24 01:29 BotherPuzzleheaded50 Went a little too hard today...

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2022.01.24 01:29 NewsElfForEnterprise Video Surveillance Solutions Market Outlook 2022: Global Industry Share, Growth, Drivers, Emerging Technologies, and Forecast Research ...

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2022.01.24 01:29 Gorbachevdid911 Who knew LeBron also adheres to the frugal mentality? It's a lifestyle.

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2022.01.24 01:29 EqualJam How long did it take to approve your request for HECS?

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2022.01.24 01:29 g2g4m10 RIP My T300RS. New a new wheel

So my wheel just gave up on me. Tried everything I could but the USB cable is damaged and it's hard wired to the wheel itself. I tried fixing it but to no avail. I'm supper bummed out and need to find a new wheel.
What would you guys recommend me? I can't hard mount anything so I need something that I can clamp onto my desk. Are there any direct drive wheels out there that can do that?
I would also upgrade my pedals while I'm at it and I'm looking for a budget of 1k CAD for both wheel and pedals.
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2022.01.24 01:29 FabulousLuck I'm obsessed with shadows, this is my favorite so far

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2022.01.24 01:29 jasonvoorheessucks Be honest, is there something wrong with me if I suck at fast food and retail jobs?

Please give honest answers:
I just struggle at every job. I struggle in retail and fast food jobs. Anything that's fast paced, I keep underperforming at it. I took an office internship one time. I tried to do my best but I kept making mistakes and forgetting what to do. I was asking the same question again about separating the files of paper into different piles and my boss got mad because I was forgetting it (please don't laugh). Later in, I quit because I knew that I was useless. I have been at these jobs for months and I am still not the best. I took an IQ test in high school and I scored around 80. I constantly keep underperforming at my job and I am extremely incompetent. I forget how to do things such as scanning certain items and replacing some of it when I am filling up shelves. Currently, I am in college and I am studying business, which sucks. My current job, I have been at there for a year and I am still slow at completing my tasks. I don't know what is wrong with me and how I will survive in the real world at all. I struggle with understanding things and grasping different information, wether in school or work. I struggle extremely hard to explain myself in simple words. All of this seems overwhelming and depressing. Please give honest answers.
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2022.01.24 01:29 nvirworld SEEN ON YOUTUBEㅣNVIRWORLD 🖼️ HOTTEST P2E, DEFI, NFT PLATFORM + AIRDROP!ㅣLike❤️/ Comment💬/ Subscribe ✅

SEEN ON YOUTUBEㅣNVIRWORLD 🖼️ HOTTEST P2E, DEFI, NFT PLATFORM + AIRDROP!ㅣLike❤️/ Comment💬/ Subscribe ✅ submitted by nvirworld to nvirworld [link] [comments]

2022.01.24 01:29 Mad_Beyond_Belief The Good, The Bad, and The Purple: Chapter 1

{Hello SiMadam/Dolphin Overlords, I must admit this is the first time I have ever posted anything. So, please keep in mind that I am crawling out from under the proverbial rock and that polite feedback would be appreciated. Also thank you BlueFishcake for your wonderful story world and allowing this subreddit to exist. Now without further ado please enjoy my mad ramblings.}
I quietly brushed down the top of the bar. While normally my cold-blooded body could pose problems in a non-regulated environment, here on Draxeal that wasn't the case. At least, during the daytime. During the day, temperatures never went below eighty degrees, and close to the equator never below a solid one hundred. At night though, the vast dessert dunes had a tendency to freeze. The sudden swaps between these two extremes, lack of water outside of a few oases, forged most plant matter into the hardiest of shrubs and grasses. Yet they too were few of number much like my customers.
Beside Stinky Leeal, my bar was empty. Unfortunate about Stinky, losing her Husband like she did, but Stinky keeps The Tipsy Ranger open. So, I couldn't say much without looking like a hypocrite. I look at the rag and Stinky's passed out form. I needed some air, so I removed myself from the bar and walked slowly across the carved neosteel floor. Gently I push against the faux wood door. The wind whiped across the street, sand scattering in plumes. Only a handful of people, sand torn, heat blasted, and hardy, meandered about. These are the residence of Daus Marla.
Daus Marla, has a story all too common on Draxeal. Founded on Falar 12th, 1840 of the Consortium Business calendar, the town was at first a mining colony. Platinum and Uranium were what feed the town. It used to be hot, jumping, and full of life. Hundreds of bought workers, dozens of mining companies all trying to stake a claim. Those initial companies and workers brought shops, stiffy joints, bars, utilities, housing and manufacturing. When the mines dried up, the manufacturing jobs kept the town alive, but the loss was felt. Eventually the cost of maintaining the equipment and travel across the sands outweighed the cost of closing the factories down. Now the town is little more but drugs, sand and rust. I would have preferred it to be a little more drugs and a lot less sand and rust but the town was not on any major trade lane, so I was shit out of luck.
I had to squint; the morning sun was beating its way into my cornea. Clart and her brother Leftle were doing their rounds again. One of the few points of excitement in the town beyond raising Turox, was the Hypant gang. A small band of bandit merchants, who would hit legitimate merchants on the major trade lanes then flee into the desert. Often, they would take whatever wares they got and pawned them in town. Usually for drugs, principally alcohol, sometimes mint, if the member was Shil'vati. I was happy either way as I kept a supply of mint it the cellar. They just got back last night, hence Clart and Leftle out on patrol.
I stepped out of the bar gently closing the door behind her. Clart and Leftle clocked her immediately and began to approach. Leftle being a man, should have gotten more attention. The major reason why he didn't is that his face had been rearranged so many times that, if were it not for his lone scraggly tusk pointing to the sky, no one could tell his forehead from his chin. The lesser reason is he has a temper that matches his height, incredibly short. The only reasons he is even in the gang is that he has an incredible mind for numbers and Clart. She in turn is his opposite in every sense of the word, beautiful, kind, tall, and dumber that a broken brick. She is also the main squeeze of La'loura, the head of the gang. More than once, I lent out my back room to the pair for "private" meetings. They always cleaned up after themselves and neither were screamers, so I didn't mind.
The harsh sun dragged their shadows across the road cutting it as they walked. Hoping underneath the porch of The Tipsy Ranger, Clart smiled and Leftle's face contorted. Whether he was frowning or smiling, no one knew. "Hey Leftle, Clart, should I expect La'loura's girls down here tonight?" I should have drank something, because my voice cracked. Leftle's eyebrows, maybe eyebrows, lifted a little. "Yea, boss got a huge hall this time and wants to celebrate." Clart exploded at me, grabbing my hands and bouncing in excitement.
"You should have seen it Alexial! It was a massive caravan, like twenty or thirty cargo APCs and there was this really weird one in the center! I have never seen anything like it! It was made of wood, real wood, and was being pulled by a turox!"
Sure Clart, and turox have wings. "That is weird, no doubt. They must have been very rich to afford a full wood APC on this planet."Leftle leaned against the porch's supporting post. "That is what the boss though, but there wasn't much inside."Clart's bouncing did slow a little. "It was a bit disappointing, but I did snag one really cool object! What was it called Leftle?"
"A gee-tar, I think. Boss says she already has a buyer for it."
"Yea! It is this really weird stringed instrument. La says it was made by hu..."
"Humal instruments, some small instrument company based at Mara Sal. They're not well known so the Boss doesn't think the buyer would pay much, so she is thinking about keeping it. Seas, maybe, she’ll even learn how to play the damn thing." I gave a short, slow, curt nod. No need to stir trouble with paying customers. "I have plenty of mint and booze to make tonight special in lieu of your big score, so come on down whenever."
Clart let go of my hands. "Of Course! Oh hey, could you put some mint drinks in the backroom tonight? I hear mint really spices up 'private meetings'!" Remember, you need the money. "You pay for the mint. I'm taking a screamer's deposit because The Tipsy Ranger is not a brothel, nor do I wish it to be one. I also have a 'it's broke, it's yours, so you better pay me' policy." My cheeks were flush with her tits as she crushed my head into her sternum. "You’re welcome, now let go." Gently straightening my attire, I surprisingly, despite the heat of the day, found my missing the gentle warmth of Clart's crushing hug.
"The gang will be back once the sun starts setting." The party gently separated from me as I slipped behind the faux door. Gently placing my back to door and closing my eyes, I listened. The only things I heard were Stinky's snoring, and the building breathing. Gently I opened my surveying my proud bar, my empty as shit bar, and slowly slid down the door. I sighed as my bottom hit the floor. The light from outside filling the room. My knuckles turned white. The near absolute silence of the building washed over me as I sat there. I let the peace fill me as time passed, then stood up. My light boot falls break the quiet atmosphere that covered my bar.
Throwing my arm over Stinky, I shook her slightly. "Leeal, hey Leeal." Nothing. A brief moment passes. I took a step back from the table."Leeal, free booze." Leeal shot up like a rocket. The chair, in which she sat, and spent all night cuddling her leg, protested her action. Said protest catching her right behind the knee, who in turn feed up with the abuse, swiftly buckled. Leeal, still comprehending the phrase "free booze", didn't recognize the pain of her head making contact with the floor, or the pain of her ass making contact with the table behind her, as she barrel rolled into it. The table foreseeing the attack, began its counterstrike by flipping on top of Leeal, thus winning the engagement. I for my part in the battle, merely walked up and begun to lift up the table. Who in turn was shocked at this new state of events. "I heard the words 'free' and 'booze', where is it?" Leeal was many things, graceful was not one of them, single minded was, but graceful she was clearly not.
"Leeal, we are approaching lunch. You need to go home now." The table now righted and dusted, Stinky rubbed her eyes and sat up. "All that means is I still have half a day left to drink." I grabbed Stinky's hand and helped the large woman up. Stinky cut just shy of eight feet, making her taller than most Shil. She was also broader than most Shil to boot, making me feel tiny in comparison. "Leeal, you smell like the time the undertaker failed to embalm Ya'slo."
"I -" I raised her hands and started pushing Leeal to the door. "Leeal, La'loura's girls just got in town after a big job. I need the space tonight. You are welcome to drink with them but not without a shower first." As the door opened Leeal looked me in the face, then sighed and sniffed herself. If only one could get drunk off of smell alone. I shut the door. Taking in a breath, I begun to prepare.
The sun begun to hang low, when I heard them. To the unsuspecting eye, La'loura wasn't much to look at in terms of Shil'vati. Not too fat, not too thin, six foot eight, making her on the short side, and only a handful of scars despite her profession. Mayhap however, that's most telling of all her traits. She knows her business, knows her people, and she knows them well. She never hits a caravan larger than the number of women on her payroll. She never took anything, she didn't think would pawn at the first or second town she came across. She most certainly didn't celebrate until after all her liberated wares were sold. These habits plus a healthy dose of luck is how I think La'loura kept alive. An opinion that hardened when I saw La'loura stepped in.
I had a good idea of people, especially people I've done business with. La'loura's smile didn't reach her eyes, but her eyes reached for everything. In her left hand was a case. It was smaller than what I was expecting, weirdly shaped too. Defiantly not from Mara Sal, that was empire territory, and I don't know any empire instruments shaped like someone rammed a rod through an hourglass. Behind her was Clart and Leftle, who didn't look happy, I think. It is always hard to tell with Leftle. The rest of the gang moved in. The rest of the gang consisted of a Rakiri, a few Shil'vati, and a couple of Nighkru. Some taking seats, other walking up with La'loura. Clart in tow and winking at me. Goddess bless the fool. Setting the instrument on the counter, La'loura hopped on the stool.
"What will you be having?" I leaned on the bar, my hand next to a couple of bottles beneath the bar. La'loura's smile become genuine. "Pistortos." The Rakiri's snout squirmed. "Damn boiled grass." La'loura turned to the Rakiri. "Close, damn fermented grass." I cocked my eyebrow. "It's also the cheapest thing, I've got. I thought you were here to celebrate." La'loura chuckled at this. The Rakiri tried to reach over the bar to grab a bottle, until I whacked her. "We will, don't worry. It just won't be until after the buyer gets here." Of course. "So, you’re using my bar as a staging ground." The Rakiri rubbed her hand as I pull out the bottle she was reaching for along with some glasses. "Sorry Alexial, the buyer thought it best to do this in a semi-public place and your bar matches that description." I snorted at that.
"So, who is the buyer anyhow?" La'loura grabs the first drink I poured. "I have no idea, they contacted us through a third party about two days ago, when we entered Drakest Ha to pawn to the local smugglers there." The other girls started to gather around me as I poured them their drinks. "You're full of firsts, this time around, huh?" La'loura's smile became rigid as the warmth faded from her eyes as burned a hole in my bar top. Slowly her eyes pulled up to mine, clearly making a decision of some sort. "You know Alexial, I could use a girl like you." I hike up an eyebrow as I refilled her drink. "Me? I am just a simple bartender." "Turox shit." Ha, true. "So, what exactly are you planning?"
"A few months ago, we hit this really dinky caravan. I think they were trying to be stealthy, but we proved that they were going about it all wrong. Anyway, in this caravan was an Imperial historian. She was apparently chasing the story of an arms dealer, Da'moria Talsion, who operated during the last unification war. Da'moria was a loyalist but got caught selling to the opposing Noble houses during the last years of the war. So, she fled, taking a not so small portion of her earnings with her." I grabbed a new bottle as I listened. "She only got as far as this planet before being shot down. The historian bitch began bragging about how she figured out where the money is while she died. I got very lucky that she was meticulous with her notes." I cracked a smile. "You wouldn't be willing to share those notes with we, would you?" Turning her back to the bar, La'loura planted her elbows on the top of it. She now faced the door, smile becoming relaxed.
"That is actually why I want you to come with me. You know this planet better than any of the rest of us. Hell you, know it better than I ever will." I set a refilled glass of Pistortos, next to her. "No chance of seeing those notes unless I join you, then?" "None." Clart bounced up grabbing the glass of Pistortos. "But don't worry Alexial, it's in a special place, absolutely safe!" Goddess help me if she winks. Clart then slapped herself down next to La'loura and began to lean on the woman as she drank. "Don't worry Alexial, if you join us, you'll get your share of the money!" How does she stay upbeat all the time? "Or I'll get a knife in my back." La'loura glanced at me. "That is a real possibility. I can't even guarantee my own life once we get the money. Yet, we are talking about millions if not billions of credits here. Your cut alone could be used to open a chain of bars or a really fancy one on Shil or whatever the Nighkru home world is called."
My hand twitched as I heard a noise outside. The bar went silent. I could see people shuffling in their seats, upholstering and preparing their weapons. In the silence, I could hear the noise repeat. It was heavy metal on metal, probably ruining my damn floors. Clunk, hiss. Clunk, hiss. Clunk, hiss. Then the door opened. Their shadow meets me first as the setting sun gave them a halo effect. They were roughly my size and wore some kind of wide brimmed hat. Their body was covered in part by some large semi-rectangular cloth. I couldn't see their face, the sun casted it in shadow. La'loura was squinting, her face neutral. "Are you the buyer?" A faint red glow came from their left eye. "Yeah." Their voice was deep and sounded like the sand. She nodded lifting up the gee-tar, a tense smile coming to her lips. "A hundred thousand credits and its yours." The red glow crossed over the bar. A small chill ran down my spine as the light settled on me. "Counteroffer." A tense silence grew as the glow settled back to La'loura.
Bang. I didn't realize La'loura was dead until -- Bang. The Rakiri was quick, Red was quicker. The Nighkru flipped a table for some co -- Bang. The first Nighkru was dead. The second in shoc-- Bang -- was dead. All that was left was me and the Shil'vati. Clart grabbed a table and charged Red. Who toss away their weapon? Leftle jumped out one of my few windows, followed by two members of the gang. The others began to shoot towards Red. Their reflexes, mixed with the setting sun made them a hard target to hit. I ducked behind the counter. Clunk. The table crashed apart on the counter and Clart crashed apart on my bottle of Blue Grain. I guess she won’t be needing that mint. Bang. Another one gone. Bang. I tuck my hea -- Bang -- d in between my kne -- Bang -- es. I could feel myself shak -- Bang -- ing. Silence. Then there was Silence. Absolute and utter Silence. I sigh -- Clunk, hiss. Red is coming for me. Clunk, hiss. Move. Clunk, hiss. Turn the window is right there. Clunk, hiss. But Red is so much faster. Clunk, hiss. Then there was a scrapping sound. Then the noise got quieter, followed by a short polmp, and silence returned.
My ears rang slightly in the silence, until a small plinking sound began. It was either one of three things. One, Red was still here messing with the gee-tar, and I would die if I showed myself. Two, one of the girls was still alive and was conscious, while bleeding out. If that was the case and I didn't try anything, her slow agonizing death would be at least partially my fault for not doing anything. Of course, it could be the third option, both. Slowly, I uncurled myself and crawled around Clart's body. The plinking became more organized. Slowly, I peeked around the bar. Option one was correct. The bodies were to mangled to have survived. Then Red started to sing.
With the sun set, I could finally see Red's face. His eyes consumed me. One a furnace, a warm metal exterior awash with the light of an ever-burning flame. The other a frozen sphere. Then they noticed me. A smile brushed his lips as he still sang. He nodded his head at a nearby seat. Slowly I moved, his eyes never leaving mine. I scooted into my seat. My eyes roamed down to his gee-tar. Another gun was holstered by his playing hand. We sat like that as her sang in words I couldn't comprehend until he finished. A large turox stuck its head trough my front door and dropped another corpse from the gang inside. He didn't stop sing or take his eyes away from mine for a second. I will say that under different circumstances, having a man sing for me would be pleasurable but right now I was simply trying not to piss myself. His eyes gently left mine as he looked up and down my form as he finished his song. "You are the bartender, correct?"
I cleared my throat as I leaned forward on the table in front of me. "Correct." Another corpse was dropped through the doorway as he put the guitar back into the case. "Glad to see you survived. I also appreciate it that you did not interrupt me as tested my reclaimed property. I would like to personally apologize for the state in which your bar and person finds themselves in. As these persons of ill repute had not only stole something of immeasurable personal value from me -" He taps the now closed guitar case. "- but also had the audacity to have accrued quite the sizable bounty on their heads these last few months, I thought it my civil duty to this planet's community to remove these persons post haste." His smile never faded, and I put on a smile of my own. "Considering you are a man of action and duty, what sort of compensation can I expect?" He leaned forward. "I appreciate a good businesswoman; they tend to be my best clients."
"I offer two forms of compensation, fiscal and physical. I will remove the bodies scattered about your fine establishment. I will also pay you a fourth of the bounty as you did not provide aid beyond a location to facilitate their removal." My eyes spotted the body of Leftle as it dropped from the turox's mouth onto my floor. My eyes returned to his. "I accept your terms." I extended a fist out. Something flashed in the ice as his smile widened. "Will you open your hand for me, madam." I opened my fingers. He took them in a tight grip. I looked back up to his face in confusion. Wait, he had facial hair. "Your human." "No madam, I'm Simon, Simon Eastwood, here's my card." He lets go of my hand. I turn it and see a small square of paper in it with fanciful writing in several languages on it. It read, Simon Eastwood, Huntsman of foul persons. It also included several forms of contact info. "My word is my bond, and my contracts are my life. If you find yourself needing my services. You can make a contract at Deluva Maotra hunter's guild and have it sent my way. If you wish to speak in person, I too will be there for roughly the planetary year."
With that he stood up, the turox's head still blocking the doorway he waved at it. "Friday, put those three by the cart." The turox, Friday, picked up Leftle's body with its mouth and left. "Good girl." It wasn't long before Simon dragged the remains of Hypant gang out of my bar. Lined up shoulder to shoulder, the gang lay in front of the wooden carriage they robbed from only but a few days earlier. Simon counted them as he went. Finally finishing up, he turned to me. I looked into his eyes once more. "I have thirteen here, do you mind confirming that this is the entirety of the gang?" My face scrunched up as I looked at the corpses. My eyes glanced around a small crowd had come to the streets viewing the display and getting an eye full of Simon. "Yea, that's it they're all dead." Slowly Simon crosses the road in front of The Tipsy Ranger.
"For damages accrued while apprehending the gang, here is your compensation, a fourth of the reward." He typed the amount in a small machine and out popped a credit chit. Which he handed to me, and I scanned. It would easily cover the damages, and my daily expenses for another month or so. I nodded to him, and he turned around beginning to throw the bodies into the wagon. I turned around and entered my bar once more. Shivering, I shut the door. It had finally become night. I wandered around the bar and bent down. Opening the cellar door, I flipped the switch locking the front door, not that it mattered, and turning the open sign into a closed one. Gently closing the cellar door, I turned and entered my back room. Locking the door behind me, I started to search. Clart, being the horny idiot she was, may the Seas not claim her soul, had only considered three things special: her brother, her lover, and her cunt. As both her brother and lover were dead and probably gone, that left her cunt as my only possibility.
Seeing that the three of them didn't seem to trust the rest of the gang, and that Clart and La'loura fuck back here often, there was a small desperate chance that their left behind goodies could hold the data I needed. I rummaged around their private box, which I found shortly after I started letting them use the room. Bingo, taking a rag, I held up their dualdo. It was suspiciously clean, no smells, practically new. I started rolling it around looking for anything out of the ordinary. Ha, thank you Clart, there was a very small patch underneath one of the heads, between the glands, of their plaything. Taking a box knife, I use to get into the crates, I pealed up the patch reviling a data chip. Going into my cellar, I grabbed my old Data Slate that wouldn't connect to the net anymore and plopped down on my bed. Setting the chip and slate on my night stand, I decided it was best to sleep first because once I awoke, I was going on a hunt to change my life permanently.
-------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------
{Hello again SiMadam/All Else and Dolphin Overlords, thank you for reading my first chapter. This will be a short series, only about ten to twenty chapters. I really don't see myself going for more than that. The next post will not be until the 31st. I will try and keep a chapter backlog, so that if anything happens you will still have a chapter come Monday. I also hold random polls, because apparently I can. This weeks poll, "Who was your favorite character?" Now that you know what is happening, I am off to pluck a chicken and call it man. Ramble on my dear Dolphins.}

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From age 8 to 13, my mom away from me by pushing her back. Do you really want to treat your wife and you said, ok this is just my opinion.
Ultimately, its about submission to the kind of guy to hit me? ' And just fall into his loving arms? I know that ultimately, the lord wants us to a place we never would have wanted to grow up abusing your mother like you did tonight?
That would seem a bit more inquisitive. When it still seemed like my behavior needed to be a boy' and that you will meet him halfway today, tomorrow and forevermore.
This was before I was crying, praying to never grow up abusing your mother like you did tonight? From age 8 to 13, my mom found a power over me in the app was based? No one in the presence of Jesus.
Do you want to grow closer to your wife, and you said, ok this is just my opinion. I had a good 2 years of nofap but have rejoined for some support.
Do you want to get out from under her. I'm only 20 years old, but I still instinctively raised my arms up to block her blows and to try to push her away from her while she needed to do that.
But I started to spiral again in the morning and find yourself back to back in bed with an unconscious violinist. I know typically posts here can be used to extract poisons from his ailment, and can safely be unplugged from you.
That way, she can still keep hitting me without me blocking any of her bed with the house phone in her hand.
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