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Feet on Fire

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Does anyone have iclicker for sale/rent? Thank you
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Title says it all
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Who are miles credited to? The person who buys the ticket or the name on the ticket?
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2022.01.24 01:27 rickyS71 PAW Action Hour Episode 44

Sorry for the SUPPPPPPER late upload. Things just got kind of busy. We apologize deeply and we will never be THIS late again.
Segment 1- Orestes Jaimes is standing on a panel to begin this rendition of Action Hour, "Next week marks 1 year since the initial announcement of Primetime Action Wrestling into the world. We’ve had many ups, a few downs. But we are still here aren’t we? That’s why on our main event show we have one of the biggest title matches in PAW history. Erick Redbeard will defend his title against Heavyweight Hustle Calvin Tankman. With all this said, let’s bring out the two competitors down to the ring for this match. Calvin Tankman is the first competitor down to the ring. He sits in a chair across from another chair and waits for the champ to walk down the ramp and enter the other chair. Here comes our champ Erick Redbeard with Dhinsa and Selmani right beside him. Erick Redbeard sits in the chair as Dhinsa and Selmani stands beside him.
"Thank you Tankman, Redbeard. I brought you guys here today to solidify our big world title match next week live on IWTV. Heavyweight vs Heavyweight.”
"Before I get to anything, I just want to say from the bottom of my heart, Orestes Jaimes thank you for putting me in the ladder match. It was hard but I fought through adversity and overcame the match. I also want to thank the fans out there, couldn’t have done it without y’all guys. And.."
"Blah, blah, blah. Is there anything your going to say that’s important? Anything that’s worth mine or yours time? I’ll answer that for you. NO! Whatever you say will not help you next Thursday against me, Erick Redbeard. I will have this championship until this company, or me myself will go under. Calvin Tankman I like you, that’s why I’m giving you two options. You can leave, walk right up from your seat and don’t sign the contract and go home completely free. Or you can leave Sin City in a stretcher."
"Redbeard, I would rather leave my body there to die in the ring then to not sign this paper.”
Calvin Tankman then puts pen to paper and we have one party agreed, now Redbeard has to sign.
"Ok Calvin Tankman whatever you wish. Just know you made yourself a vital mistake.”
Erick Redbeard put pen to paper and it is official! Next week we will get Erick Redbeard vs Calvin Tankman for the PAW World Heavyweight Championship!
Segment 2-
Los Dragones vs Money Marks
A. First ones out to the ring are the Money Marks Max Cash and Mark Jabron. In their PAW career they haven’t had much success to say the least, although Mark Jabron did win against Myron Reed in probably his best win in his career. So there is hope for this team. But the team they have to face is in no way easy.
B. Now here is the fan favorites Los Dragones! Of course was in NXT and the main roster before that, but now they make their way here to Primetime Action Wrestling and although not wrestling a huge amount of matches here, they are undefeated. Will Money Marks stop that tonight?
C. Bell rings and the two men in the ring are Samuray Del Sol and Mark Jabron. They lock up and Mark Jabron backs Samuray Del Sol into the corner and delivers shoulder tackles towards his way. Mark Jabron taunts a little bit to the crowd with his back turned to Samuray Del Sol, Del Sol rolls him up from behind! 1,2,NO! It was super close to being a roll-up victory! Samuray Del Sol already tags in Cinta de Oro as he comes in flaming with a springboard forearm! 1,2,NO! Mark Jabron is super stunned and takes a breather outside, but Cinta de Oro won’t give him the chance! Cinta de Oro jumps over the top rope, Mark Jabron moves out of the way and celebrates, but what Mark Jabron doesn’t understand is Cinta de Oro stuck the landing on the barricade. Cinta de Oro then backflips off of the barricade, he grabs Mark Jabron, backs up and drops him down for a reverse DDT. Before anybody can really say anything, Samuray Del Sol is seen coming from the top rope 450° Splashhh! Los Dragones are at their best tonight here in Reno! Cinta de Oro brings Mark Jabron back into the ring. 1,2,NO! Cinta de Oro brings in Samuray Del Sol. Del Sol goes up top, but Mark Jabron rolls forwards so Del Sol misses. Both men roll upwards into their standing positions, Del Sol runs towards Mark Jabron as Jabron brings his knee up causing Del Sol to trip. Mark Jabron then takes a very quick breather and walks over to his partner Max Cash, but as he has his hand out, he feels something tug on his leg. Turns out it was Samuray Del Sol pulling on Jabron’s leg to try and get him to the middle of the ring. Max Cash then gets tagged in without Samuray Del Sol acknowledging it. Max Cash then went into the ring and stomped on Samuray Del Sol’s back multiple times until he let go! Cinta de Oro then swung Max Cash around that he was looking at him. Max Cash looked frustrated and looked like he was ready to fight Cinta de Oro, pushing him several times. When all the sudden ROLL-UP! 1,2,3! Los Dragones wins after a roll-up!
D. Wow what a rookie mistake there, turning your back to the opponents. You wish the Money Marks had this one back! But anywho, great showing by Los Dragones as we head to commercial
Segment 3- Jon Boston walks out on the stage with a microphone in his hand. Jon brings the mic closer to his face. Fans await Jon Boston to speak his mind.
Jon Boston: "Ever since, I've stepped foot in this ring for PAW. I've always aimed to be the very best in this business. My eyes has been locked on the World Heavyweight Title because if you're not going for the #1 spot then what are you here for. Now I'll admit it's taking me time to get there but I'll get there & I'll get there by beating the guys who are in the race to be #1. It starts from Skyler. I challenge Skyler to a match next week. Skyler get your ass out to the ring next week & we will see who is ahead in this race to be #1"
Jon Boston puts down the microphone & walks to the back. As fans chant "YES". Giving approval for Jon Boston vs Skyler. Skyler comes out to the stage wearing street clothes and shakes Jon Boston’s hand, making it official for next week at Anniversary. 2 minutes
Segment 4- Buddy Matthews vs Blue Demon Jr
A. And we are back from commercials! After Jon Boston's thrilling words we have another barn burner for you! He debuted a few weeks ago but we can expect great things out of him in PAW! He is a secret no more! BUUUUUUUUUDDYYYYYYYYYY! MAATTHEEEEEEEEEEEEEWS! Buddy Matthews walks to the ring while Disciple by def rebel plays in the background. Buddy Matthews emerges from backstage, he makes his way down the ramp, looking at the fans with disgust as he jumps onto the apron, climbs into the ring between the ropes and begins to stretch, showing his back to the entrance rope, showing disrespect for his opponent.
B. His opponent needs no introduction! He is a bonafide legend in the world of professional wrestling! He is a former NWA world heavyweight champion! He has a perfect 19-0 record in lucha de apuestas matches! HE IS BLUUUUUUUUEEEEEE DEMOOOOOOOOOON JUNIOOOOOOOOOOR! Around the world by the Red Hot Chili Peppers start to play as the fans erupt! Blue Demon Jr. erupts from backstage and walks towards the ring high-fiving the fans standing by the barricade! A chant of “Demon! Demon! Erupts before he even gets to the ring.Blue Demon jumps onto the apron, climbs onto the ring post and does his stance as the crowd cheers. Buddy Matthews has had enough. He jumps onto the ringpost, clasps his hands around Blue Demon Junior waist and sends him flying through the air with a belly to back superplex! Blue demon flips mid air and lands on his as Buddy kips up!
C. DING DING DING! WE ALREADY STARTED! What a devious ploy by Buddy Matthes! The two wrestlers start to circle each other and lock-up in the middle of the ring. Demon gets the best in the test of power as he quickly grabs hold of Buddys head and puts it in a headlock. Buddy tries to fight back but Demon holds him even tighter! He delivers a couple of punches to the side of Buddy’s head before pushing him forward. Buddy bounces off the ropes and right into a strong flying lariat of Blue Demon! Blue Demon quickly gets back to his feet as Buddy is still trying to catch his breath. Demon poses for the fans as Buddy finally gets up. Demon gets back into a fighting stance and the two lock up again. Murphy pushes one hand through the guard and shifts Blue Demons mask so it covers one eye! Demon tries to take a step back to fix his mask but Matthews quickly advances and punches him in the gut. Before Demon has a chance to react he is attacked by a number of quick strikes! Matthews uses him as target practice for his forearm strikes and kicks! Blue Demon is pushed back to the ropes as Buddy jumps on the corner post and sends Blue Demon to the floor with a missile dropkick! He goes for the cover! 1..2..NO! Buddy rolls on top of Blue Demon Jr. and starts to punch his face! 1..2..3..4.. The ref pulls him away but Buddy jumps back onto Blue Demon and starts to tear his mask off! The ref pulls him off one more time, pushing him backwards as Blue Demon has a chance to recuperate. The crowd chants for Blue Demon as he finally gets back to his feet. Buddy Matthews charges back into Blue Demon, punching him into the tear on top of his mask, trying to make a bigger hole as Blue Demon covers his mask. He has had enough as he headbutts Matthews to the cheer of the crowd before grabbing his head na neckdropping him to the floor! Blue Demon jumps back to his feet amidst the cheer of the crowd, blood flowing from the part where his mask was torn as Buddys punches tore his skin apart. He grabs Buddy for his hair and sends him flying into the corner. He runs at him and smashes his head with a vicious flying lariat. Buddy falls back to the floor! Blue Demon gets him up and lifts him! He turns him around so his head is pointing towards the ground as the crowd explodes! He is about to go for his Angel’s Wing but Buddy pulls himself back up! He latches his legs around Demons head as he starts to pummels him with strikes! He drives a thumb into Demon's eyes without the ref seeing and Blue Demon has to let go! Demon retreats to the corner trying to regain vision in his eye as Buddy runs at him! He running big boots Blue Demon into the corner as the big luchador falls down! Buddy doesn’t waste any time as he picks Blue Demon up and powerbombs him against the turnbuckle! He drags him towards the centre of the ring and hooks the leg for the pin! 1..2…NO! STILL NOT ENOUGH! Buddy jumps back to his feet, grabs Blue Demon for the teared mask and powerbombs him into the mat one more time! This time he doesn’t even go for the pin! He drags Blue Demon back to his feet! Blue demon tries to fight back but Buddy just elbow strikes him to the head! Demon falters backwards as Buddy grabs him, he lifts him up and disrespects the legends by taking a short before slamming him into the ground with a running brainbuster - the Buddys Law! He goes for the pin! 1…2…3!
D. DING DING DING! It’s over! Buddy is 2-0 in PAW! After a fight like that it seems that he can come a long way in his new home! He is destroying mainstays and legends left and right! Who will he face next? Stay tuned for more PAW action after the short break! 7 minutes
Segment 5- Lindsay Snow vs. Tarlee
A. Tarlee makes her entrance first. She's been here since the beginning of PAW, and has been pretty impressive, but hasn't had many opportunities to show her skills. She takes her time making her way down the ramp, engaging with fans.
B. Her opponent tonight? The dangerous Lindsay Snow. Lindsay has been one of the top competitors in the Women's Division since its inception. However, she has lacked a signature win to propel her into superstardom, the level of people like Megan Love, LuFisto and Abby Bait. Tonight could be a nice reset for Snow, to get things rolling again. But Tarlee will not go down easily. This should be a good battle.
C. The bell rings, and both competitors lock up immediately. Tarlee throws knees to the body, and it actually works, sending Snow back a bit, and Tarlee pushes her back. She starts hitting open palm strikes that hit Lindsay on the side of the head and neck, creating red marks. Lindsay covers up, Tarlee seems to have caught her off guard! She continues with this for a little while, teeing off on Snow, who grabs her shoulders and spins her around. She starts slapping back, and now Tarlee is all marked up! The sound of these smacks reverberates throughout the arena, and the crowd is shocked at the brutality! Now, Tarlee pushes Lindsay to the centre of the ring, and they trade slaps now! And then they transition to forearms, back and forth! Repeated forearms, and then they transition to chops! Tarlee starts to gain a big advantage, and Snow seems a bit tired! Tarlee runs the ropes, and bounces off, rushing at Lindsay! Lateral Press! Into a cover! 1, 2, kickout! Tarlee came dangerously close to the biggest win of her career, and she doesn't let up, continuing to push forward. She kicks and stomps at Snow, trying to weaken her a bit more. Tarlee goes for an Elbow Drop, but Snow moves out of the way and pops up to her feet. She goes for one of her own, but Tarlee evades it as well. Both women back to their feet now, and Tarlee aims for a Lariat! It's ducked! Go-behind by Lindsay Snow! Waistlock! Into a German Suplex, bridging! It's a pin! 1, 2, kickout! But Lindsay keeps control and changes to a Sleeper Hold! Tarlee fights the hands, but it's in pretty tight! She has no choice but to tap out, Lindsay Snow picks up a big victory here at Action Hour!
D. Lindsay celebrates her victory. It was a short match, but it took a lot out of her. Can she pick up wins against the true stars in the women's division?
Segment 6- Before he head onto our sure to be great main event, we will announce the card for a very special episode of Action Hour. Action Hour:Anniversary marking the 1 year since this company was announced.
Giulia vs Lindsay Snow
D.Stone vs Cinta de Oro
Skyler vs Jon Boston
PAW Tag Team Titles Match Canadian Killas vs Eddie and Orlando Colòn
Aussie Open and Jeff Cobb vs Lazarus Strong, Mike Bailey, and a returning Nick Gage in a trios falls count anywhere match.
PAW World Heavyweight Championship Match Erick Redbeard vs Calvin Tankman
Now let’s head into the ring for our main event!
Main Event Segment 7- Injustice and The Kazuki’s vs Panther, Crime Crew, and Brian Steam
A. We have a huge main event in store for us tonight. After what happened at PAW Backyard last Saturday, PAW management put this match together. Myron Reed and Jordan Oliver has been getting terrorized from Panther for a little while now. But they are trying to show him that they are not afraid of him. Can they prove that tonight.
B. Here comes the alliance of Panther, Crime Crew, and Brian Steam. There is not much to say here, these guys have never teamed up with each other before so it should be interesting to see the chemistry or lack of they have working together in a match like this.
C. Bell rings and we are off to the races here in our main event in Reno Nevada. Brian Steam and Kazuki Sr are the first ones in the ring. Kazuki Sr goes directly after Brian Steam by backing him into the corner and delivering some crazy left and right chops to the head of Brian Steam. He then irish whips him into the other corner and boots him right in the face. Brian Steam then retaliates quickly with a clothesline as Kazuki Sr slams down to the mat hard. He goes for the cover 1,2,NO! Kicks out after what seems like a relatively quick count. Brian Steam then tags Shane Smith. He then stomps out Kazuki Sr in the corner of the ring. Shane Smith then puts Kazuki Sr in the fireman’s carry position, but Kazuki Sr muscles his way out of it. Kazuki Sr then lands a big boot on Shane Smith that leads him to tumble just a bit before Kazuki Sr lands another one to the side of the head this time that has Shane Smith falling to the ground. Kazuki Sr then tags in Myron Reed who comes flying up from top onto Shane Smith! 1,2,NO! Myron Reed then tries to bring Shane Smith back up to their feet but Shane Smith is just too big and muscles through Myron Reed sending him to the mat. Shane Smith then tags in his partner Rylan Ryan. Rylan stomps down Myron Reed just a few times before the big man splashes right on top of him! 1,2,NO! What a great main event we have going on right now. Primetime Action Wrestling would like to take this time to announce that in two weeks we will make our Bakersfield debut at the Icardo Center tickets are on sale right now! Myron Reed then brings Rylan Ryan to the outside, holding his ribs as it looks he got hurt pretty bad by that splash of corse. Next week we will be in Sin City for PAW Anniversary in front of a sold out crowd at the iconic House of Blues! We just wanted to let you know we will not be on Showtime next week and will instead stream this special event on IWTV. Use promo code "PRIMETIME" for your first month free. The referee is in the middle of counting 7! 8! 9! 10! 11! Rylan Ryan is pressed up against the steel barricade, Myron Reed is in the ring and points a gun at him. Myron Reed bounces the ropes and lands on Rylan Ryan on the outside! Myron Reed then quickly brings Rylan Ryan in the ring! 1,2,NO! So close but yet so far away for Myron Reed. Reed tags in his partner Jordan Oliver and he starts with an amazing shooting star press! 1,2,NO! Jordan Oliver and Rylan Ryan then begins to stand toe to toe but Rylan Ryan just picks him up in the press position and slam him down to the mat! 1,2,NO! Right after the pin, Rylan Ryan looks upset as he tags in Panther! The crowd begins to boo as Panther comes in with a series of strikes to the chest and head of Oliver. He then grabs his arm and drags him to the mat. Oliver and Panther then look face to face, Jordan Oliver says "I will never be afraid of you!" And hits him with the spinning heel kick! 1,2,NO! Brian Steam breaks up the pin at the last moment. Panther gets up and taunts the crowd just a little bit before Brian Steam tags himself in. Brian Steam corners Oliver and throws multiple shoulders to the midsection of Jordan Oliver. As soon as Brian Steam backs up Jordan Oliver takes this time to strike as Jordan Oliver stands on the second rope and hits Steam with a tornado DDT! He goes for the cover. 1,2,NO! Panther looks angry as he lost some valuable time in the ring because of Brian Steam. Jordan Oliver then climbs up the ropes. He jumps off of the top rope but Brian Steam jumps in front of him and spears him inside out! Brian Steam then covers! 1,2,3! Crime Crew, Panther, and Steam are your winners!
D. The Kazuki’s and Myron Reed are checking up on Jordan Oliver after the match as the others walk back to the ring. Thank you guys for watching this rendition of Action Hour. Next week we are headed to Sin City for a IWTV exclusive addition of Action Hour:Anniversary. Thank you and have a great night!
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2022.01.24 01:27 Jade062 Hardening Quirk Izuku fics

Anyone have any fics that give Izuku a similar power to Kirishima's or Tetsutetsu's? It sort of popped in my head after watching Attack On Titan and Eren using his ability to harden on his fists.
Preferably no BxB
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Nothing really new. It is mostly stability/performance and bug fixes.
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2022.01.24 01:27 Isbo2000 the bond has been made

dont break it
dont let it drop
let it be
do not disturb it
it will die
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No matter how hard I try, there is no way for me to be able to change the view for this plugin, anyone have any fixes? I tried resetting the AU plugin
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